TKE Membership Terms & Conditions

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity was founded on three essential elements of true brotherhood; love, charity, and esteem.  Through these founding elements, the Fraternity strives to instill each in our members to furthermore build a better man, for a better world.  Listed below are the terms and conditions to membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon which every member will agree to follow and abide by.  In addition, every chapter and colony of TKE is to uphold and adopt these terms and conditions in accordance with their recognition by Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity.

I agree to:

  1. Be in full compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (The Black Book), the bylaws of my affiliated chapter/colony, the rules and regulations of my institution, the policies and guidelines of TKE, the minimum standards of TKE, and any and all state, city, or county statutes or ordinances.
  2. Be responsible for my own actions and not to engage in any conduct that could harm individuals in my local chapter, the Fraternity, or the general public.
  3. To fully participating in all regularly scheduled meetings, ritual meetings as my membership status permits, recruitment activities, and all required chapter functions.
  4. Keeping in confidence the business and rituals of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.
  5. Being financially responsible and meeting all financial obligations in a prompt manner, upholding the Fraternity’s 30-60-90 day notification policy for the payment of delinquent accounts, making it a top priority to alert the chapter executive board and advisors if I need to make a payment plan in order to fulfill all financial obligations to the Fraternity, and if needed, I agree to letting the chapter release information regarding financial obligations to my parents and collection agencies.
  6. Personally acting, and making sure my chapter acts, in direct accordance, at all times, with the Risk Management Guidelines & Alcohol Guidelines of TKE.
  7. Treating myself and others with respect and will refrain from engaging in any form of disrespectful behavior or hazing whatsoever including the act of knowing about hazing and doing nothing to prevent it from occurring.
  8. To fully adhering, and doing everything in my power to insure my chapter adheres to Tau Kappa Epsilon’s strict statement against hazing found in the Risk Management Guidelines.