Building Brotherhood Donors

Jimmy Hatten -SO 158
Chris Ducharme -SO 221

Geoff Alday -SO 159
Phil Graves -SO 20
Michael Ceccarelli -SO 234
Michael Chambers -SO 246
Jeff Ewing -SO 136
Brian Hughes -SO 168
James Dibble -SO 112
Tripp Ballard -SO 138
Bryan Smith -SO 137
Shane Meadows -SO 55
Nathan Lux -SO 233
Jamie Groce -SO 171

Brad Hopkins -SO 197
Clay Carnahan -SO 117
Todd Harrison -SO 18
Robbie Watts -SO 134
Ken Delo -SO 28
Chad Hutson -SO 123
Aaron Compton -SO 180
Travis Byers -SO 157
David Haston -SO 164
Ronnie Holt -SO 172
Harmon Hunsicker -SO 2
Jason Haury -SO 215
Stevan Charles -SO 181
Jimmy Tucker -SO 166
Larry Beaty -SO 98
Chris Finkbone -SO 161
Tommy Thorburn -SO 150
Andy Wright -SO 31
Michael Dziegiel -SO 274
Barry Brisson -SO 101
Amy Chambers
Chi Class -SO 233 & 234
Dru Furman -KM 375
Scott Inks
Doug Jones -SO 102
Eric Jones -SO 202
Trey King -SO 198
Jason Ladd
Ben Meredith -SO 267
RC Vaughn -SO 51
Travis Weaver
Corey Stockwell -SO 235
Jason Cole-SO 170
Eric Kyle -SO 208

Chuck Buckholts -SO 120
David Pickelsimer -SO 173
David Chard -SO 121
Scott Devine -SO 146
Tucker Hobbs -SO 175
Johnathan Michaels -SO 165
Mike Terrell -SO 25
Danny Turpin -SO 179
Jason Pelz -SO 259
Jerry Heath -SO 201
Jim Candella -SO 56
Ryan Carlin -SO 270
Heather Brown
Mike Carlson -SO 207
Mark Coolican -SO 210
Trey Crouch -SO 257
Matt Start -SO 275
Jordan Petit -SO 242


Online Registration Form | Printable Donation Form

You can mail your contributions to:

TKE Sigma Omicron Building Brotherhood
P.O. Box 11355
Murfreesboro, TN 37129



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Owning a permanent, fraternal home for TKE at Middle Tennessee State University has been a dream shared by nearly every Frater initiated into our Bond at the Sigma Omicron Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Buying a house for the Sigma Omicron chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon will provide a stable environment and permanent home for our Chapter that works to enhance student life and provide chapter members with a well-rounded college experience. The chapter house will provide members with the opportunity to live in a Fraternal environment that promotes brotherhood while supporting the member’s academic and social pursuits.

Achieving this objective, however, will require a significant level of commitment from both the collegiate and alumni members of the chapter. Sigma Omicron has already taken several significant and necessary steps towards the adoption and implementation of a formal housing capital campaign. Some of these critical steps include:

  • The development of an active alumni Board of Trustees that conducts regular meetings and supervises chapter and corporate finances;
  • The creation and chartering of an active Sigma Omicron Alumni Association that conducts regular alumni events and meetings;
  • Funding a permanently endowed scholarship fund for the collegiate chapter through the TKE Educational Foundation;
  • Locating and reconnecting with our lost alumni through regular email and print communications;
  • Securing a Chapter Advisor and Faculty Advisor for the collegiate chapter;
  • Creation of a basic alumni dues and donor program, supervised and coordinated by the Alumni Association.

During the next few years, the Sigma Omicron alumni leadership team will continue to work with the collegiate chapter in providing support, advisement, financial supervision, and educational opportunities. To move forward on our plan, the collegiate chapter will need to continue to increase in membership, with an objective of maintaining a chapter size of approximately 40+ men.

We will also need to continue the process of raising funds. The Building Brotherhood fund, which is under the control of the Board of Trustees, will play an important role in providing the initial amount needed to purchase the property. Once the property is owned by our Chapter, we will continue our raising funds for other substantial projects, which will primarily offset the costs of property renovation, expansion and upkeep.

While contributions to this fund are not tax-deductible under current IRS provisions, all funds are carefully supervised, managed, and expended only for those necessary projects related to planning for our future housing project.

For us to move forward, we need your financial support. Your gift will help move us one step closer to realizing our dream of a permanent fraternal home for Sigma Omicron at Middle Tennessee State University.

Your donation can serve as the catalyst that lays the first “brick” in building a stronger TKE Fraternity at MTSU. During the “Building Brotherhood” Campaign, your donation of $100 or more will reserve a space for you to be permanently recognized in the Sigma Omicron Chapter House, recognizing those who gave the gift of support in the housing fund’s first two years of success.

Another great way to give to The Sigma Omicron Housing Fund is by working with your company’s matching gift program. Many businesses offer matching gifts for employees. Your business can help add to the growth of the Sigma Omicron chapter, by donating to the House Fund. A combined donation of $100 or more will also reserve a space for your company name and your name to be permanently located in the Sigma Omicron house, recognizing individuals and organizations who gave the gift of support in the housing fund’s first year of success.

Please browse the information below. We have provided you with an online donation form or one in PDF format for your convenience. We urge you to fill out and send in your donation form, so you can take part in the benefits of the “Building Brotherhood” Campaign.

Please note, that the donor levels are based of the TOTAL amount reached within the two year period.

    • Apollo Benefactor(s) Level, giving a gift of $25,000 over a 2-year period or less, will be eligible to choose the official name of the Sigma Omicron Chapter House.
    • A gift at the Knights of Classic Lore Level, $10,000 over a two year period or less, will be eligible to name an entire floor of the House. This can include your personal message, business name, or both, on a brass plaque next to your room or hallway
    • A gift at the Red Carnation Level, $5,000 over a two year period or less, will be eligible to name any of the Public Rooms such as the Kitchen or Social Room, or any of the hallways in the House. This can include your personal message, business name, or both, on a brass plaque next to your room or hallway.
    • A gift at the Equilateral Triangle Level, totaling $2,500 over a 2 year period or less, will be eligible to name one of the private bedrooms in the house. This can include your personal message, business name, or both, on a brass plaque next to your room.
    • A gift at the Founder Level, $1000 will place your framed portrait in our composite room. Your portrait can be accompanied by a membership bio.
    • A gift at the Horseshoe Level, $500 will be listed on a special Horseshoe Level plaque.
    • A gift at the Brick Level, $100, will allow for the naming of a “brick” on a plaque to be placed in the entrance of chapter house. During the first two years of the Building Brotherhood Capital Campaign, you will have the option to customize a brick for EACH $100 contribution.
    • A gift up to $99 is part of the Supporter Level.

ALL levels of giving will receive a certificate of appreciation and recognition at our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Within the levels that involve naming the house, rooms and common areas, the donor with the highest 2-year contribution will be awarded preference. If you have any suggestions or would like to name an area that is not listed we would love to hear about it!